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Can Inflatable Poles Make Better Tents?

Replacing their rigid predecessors, inflatable poles offer advantages like ease of setup — you just pump them up — and increased strength. Disadvantages are weight and complication. Worth it? We spent a week living in an inflatable tent to find out.

Pictured above is the Heimplanet Mavericks tent, built to resist 120mph winds thanks to its inflatable, geodesic dome structure.

Inflatable tent posts previously hit the outdoors world toward the start of the decade, with little organizations like Heimplanet using them to dispatch radical-looking plans and another brand. Top of the line gear producer Nemo immediately received the innovation for a portion of its moderate exploring covers.

Regardless of manufacturer, inflatable poles seem to all be constructed of a TPU “inner tube” (just like on your bicycle) housed inside a thick, sturdy polyester sheath. That sheath protects the inner tube from punctures and abrasion and also adds some stiffness to the structure when inflated. The design also requires valves

Velcro pads to hold the feet of the beams in place and some sort of pump to blow the poles up. Typically inflated at 6-9psi, that pump really is necessary, human lungs struggle to easily inflate anything beyond 2.5psi. All that stuff adds weight compared to the simplicity of traditional aluminum, fiberglass or carbon fiber poles. Nemo’s inflatable 2P Morpho Elite tent is nearly double the weight of its rigid pole counterparts, despite its expensive, $600 price tag.

Most inflatable pole tents are not freestanding designs, meaning they require the tension of stakes or guy lines to stand up. That can limit the surfaces on and areas in which the tent can be used.

When we visited Maui’s secretive east side a couple weeks ago, the girlfriend and I carried along a Kelty Airlift 4 tent ($440) as part of our luxury car camping loadout. Its main advantage? Kelty claims total setup time is 60 seconds or less, far lower than the time required to setup similar, rigid pole structures and far simpler to accomplish for the kind of casual campers who typically employ such large, heavy family tents.

To setup the Airlift, you simply stake out all four corners, connect the included pump to the main X-beam tent structure and, five or six pumps later, the thing stands up on its own. The vestibule’s smaller u-beam requires only three or four pumps. I never managed all that in 60 seconds, but 90 seconds proved a reliable estimate, still far quicker and far simpler than the assembly required by equivalent tents. With the Airlift, the rain fly is stretched across the top of the poles and the inner tent (where you sleep) is hung from them. You don’t separate the two layers, so setup really is just a case of unrolling, staking and a few seconds of pumping.

You and I have both watched people in campgrounds struggle for half an hour or more with the assembly of traditional poles, rain flys and tent bodies.

Experienced campers, ease was to a lesser degree a worry for Lara. I than the difficulties forced by Hanna’s cruel landscape and changeable climate. Spending a couple of evenings on a mystery dark sand shoreline. We get to our site by descending a 100-foot bluff utilizing an old rope. The survivability of inflatable posts was driven home. When I could basically toss the Kelty’s tent sack down. Sparing me a whole walk down the rope wearing the 18lbs bundle on my back.

On the second night, a storm blew, 20-foot Long Branch off a tree onto the tent. Most unbending posts would almost certainly have been harmed by the effect. Yet the inflatable plan basically curved inwards a couple of feet. Before springing again into shape and sloughing off the branch.

Should an inflatable shaft be punctured. You essentially fix it as you would with a bike inward tube. Expel the defensive polyester case. Discover the opening and attach and fix. Hold up a couple of minutes. You’re ready once more. Settling an unbending shaft requires sliding a metal “cover” around the broken region. Of the post or re-fitting the flexible line that keeps running inside it.

.Here’s a decent perspective of the Kelty’s inflatable post. The TPU internal tube rides inside that thick, solid polyester sheath. A control valve in as far as possible expansion to 7psi, guaranteeing long administration life.

The last favorable position is packability.

A week ago, I rode bikes through British Columbia and brought along my tent. The posts were still around a half-inch too long to fit in the bicycle’s hard cases.  So I needed to tie it to the traveler situate. With an inflatable tent, you’re allowed to stuff it. And pack it into the most reduced shape possible. What’s more, when it’s everything roll up. You don’t need to stress over applying torsion to any unbending shafts.

Most hikers and different campers will be more stressed over weight. They will about space. However for some particular applications like bike outdoors or lightweight suitcase just air travel. His will be an necessary good position. We basically checked the Airlift 4 as its own, unprotected thing of gear on our trip to Maui. Safe in the information there were no weak parts to be harmed.

Explorers will even now be best served by the lighter weight of unbending shaft tents. Spending campers will discover more an motivation in usual plans. We do see a solid argument for inflatable shaft tents with regards to family auto outdoors. Contrasted with other top of the line tents intended for family outdoors roles. Kelty’s Air pitch range carries just a negligible (~$40) value premium. Remember that next time you’re attempting to embed tab. An into opening C while applying pressure to lash F after dull, in the rain.



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Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Inflatable tent→ Advantages Of Inflatable Tents

Points of interest Of Inflatable Tents

Try not to have any questions on the off chance that you need to purchase inflatable tents. These tents are valuable from multiple points of view or purposes. Coming up next are reasons why you ought to have an inflatable tent.

Facilitating EVENTS

You can utilize an inflatable tent to hold a business or a family occasion. You can likewise utilize this tent for outdoors amid excursions. Your youngsters can utilize the tent for their first outdoors involvement in the garden.


These tents are utilized for most outdoors relaxes which make it less expensive than leasing each time you have to go for outdoors. Excursions are constantly costly particularly in the event that you have youthful ones. It is likewise very hard to sort out something in the event that you have numerous companions. Having inflatable tent is the incredible alternative. You can run with the tents to numerous spots like trekking or go to the shoreline which is moderate.


These tents are reasonable. Get them and lease them out to individuals when not being used. You can make a great deal of benefits from this sort of business. You may have an inflatable tent, however you don’t have a garden to put it. Lease it out to other individuals who need to utilize them particularly in the event that they have kids who need to handle in the garden.


This tent is fundamental as you can use it for some open air exercises which is another incredible advantage of having an inflatable tent. The inflatable tent is more agreeable than different sorts of havens when utilized in outdoors. It gives more solace than just shielding us from mosquitoes and nasty climate. They are shel for children to play in them. You can even play sports like tennis and soccer in them. You can rent your  tent when not being used. In the process you will recover the cash you spent on buying it.


You can utilize this sort of tent to advance your business.Buying inflatable tent is a decent project as you can use it to publicize your business. You can make numerous individuals know your business particularly on the off chance that it is on the web. It is one of the magnificent methods for flaunting your items in better places without paying for leasing stands. You can likewise utilize it to exhibit your work to people in general in the event that you are a craftsman. You will have the capacity to indicate you work to individuals regardless of if the climate is great or awful whenever. It is an or more to dispatch your profession. Having inflatable tent is advantageous in light of its numerous employments.

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 The Advantages Of Inflatable Tents Over The Ordinary Non-Inflatable Tents

When you find yourself somewhere in nature away from home, a tent is your second skin. In those circumstances, it must protect you from rain, wind and other bad weather conditions. Also, it is often your place to stay for the night in the open air. Where you need to feel safe and comfortable. Therefore, it is very important to have a good tent which is able to meet all your needs.

Now the question is which tent is the best.  There are two main types of tents. Inflatable (filled with air) and non-inflatable tent (with metal frame). Of course, there is a wide range of different models in every of these two categories. And they differ in shape, size and design. In this I will tell you about advantages and disadvantages of inflatable and non-inflatable tents. So you will be able to compare them. And see which suits you better.

Inflatable Cube tent for event

Let’s start from their installation, i.e. how you will set up each of them. Every non-inflatable tent has some kind of construction – mostly it is a metal frame which consists of a number of related roads. Across this construction, there is a protective fabric (usually plastic, lightweight nylon or vinyl tarp) which is attached to the frame. So, when you want to set up your tent, firstly you must assemble its construction. It can be strenuous work that requires a lot of time. You need to do this in

Several Steps: 

1,Lay a tarp down, which will be a barrier between the bottom of your tent and the ground
2,Assemble its construction. Many modern tents have all-in-one tent poles, while older models have a more complicated frame
3,Connect all tent poles. Put all tent poles together and place them across the tent. If you don’t have a previous experience, you will have a hard time to connect the construction of your tent
4,Insert all poles into the appropriate flaps of tent
5,Raise your tent
6,Stake your tent to the ground
7,Add the rain fly over your tent.

On the other hand, the main thing when you want to set the inflatable tent up is a proper pump. If you have a small tent, you can raise it with an ordinary foot or hand pump. However, for the large inflatable tent, you need to use an electric pump – one or more depending on its size. Just connect the pump hose to a valve on your tent and it will be risen for a couple of minutes.

No need to connect the poles and assemble the frame. Of course, you also need to stake your inflatable tent to the ground as in the non-inflatable tents. Deflation is also very easy Just open the valves and wait while the whole air comes out or use the deflation pumps for bigger tents or if you are in a hurry. Many modern electric pumps can be used for both to inflate and deflate a tent. As you can see, the entire installation and uninstallation process is much simpler compared to non-inflatable tents and it will take you much less time. Not to mention invested effort.

Outdoor Inflatable Party Tent

The next thing that will be compared is the maintenance of these two tents. First of all, you need to wash your tent and let it air dry in the sun before packaging. This applies to both types of tents. For non-inflatable tents, a procedure is as follows: roll up each part separately and pack these items individually; fold the tent in a certain bag for your tent; add the poles and stakes. For inflatable tents, all you need to do is to wash it after deflation and pack it up after drying out. Of course, you should keep it in some appropriate bag or satchel (which usually comes with a tent) and to store it at some suitable dry place. The right care of your tent will keep it reliable and usable for many years.

Party Inflatable Marquee, shelter tent for sports events

How long these tents can last? Well, it depends on many factors, such as the quality of materials, how you maintain a tent and in which conditions is your tent used. With a proper maintenance and good terms of use, every tent lasts more. However, the lifetime of your tent depends mostly on the fabric which is used for its production.

The non-inflatable tents are mainly made from a vinyl tarp,cotton (canvas), felt, nylon and polyester in order to be resistant to water. This material can handle with various heavy-duty jobs, so it is a good protection against punctures and rips, as well as from bad weather. Inflatable tents are produced from tarpaulin and PVC, and hence, they are very durable and long lasting. These strong and waterproof materials can easily withstand abrasion and the wind. On the top of all that, they are good for nature and can be recycled as well. Therefore, inflatable tents are long-standing and you can use them many, many years.

white inflatable building

The weight of your tent is another important factor, especially if you must carry a tent in a backpack and move from one place to another with this load on your back. The mountaineers and campers know this the best. Therefore, it is very important to have a lightweight tent which is easy to carry wherever you go. Both types of tents, inflatable and non-inflatable, are made to be of low weight. However, for non-inflatable tents you must carry its construction (metal poles with other accessories), which can be very difficult.

On the other hand, you don’t have to carry any poles and frames for inflatable tents, but you need to have a pump with you, in order to set your tent up. These tents are also lightweight and have a weight from one hundred grams to a few pounds – depends on their size. So, consider this factor when buying a tent for camping!

outdoor family camping tent

Another important thing when someone wants to buy a tent is its design. Tents are designed in a wide variety of forms and shapes, and many suppliers deliver them in a custom design – according to customers’ needs. Non-inflatable tents usually have a central ridge pole, with the traditional two-legged frame on both sides. Also, there are numerous other forms, such as dome tents, geodesic tents, tunnel tents (hoop tents), single pole tents, pyramid tents and large frame tents. As far as the inflatable tents, the most common shapes are dome tents, bubble tents and rectangular tents with the flat sides. Of course, there are also many other forms of these tents on the market. Some inflatable tents have a complex shape, which consists of several different geometric bodies.

inflatable paint spray booth

As you can see, both types of tents have their advantages and disadvantages. Every model of tent, either inflatable or non-inflatable, has its specific features, so it is not possible to generalize their characteristics. Thus, when you go shopping, consider all mentioned issues (installation, maintenance, material, weight and design) and make the right decision. In addition to these factors, the price is also important for many customers. You can find these tents in a range of different prices, so you will choose them according to your available budget. I don’t want to be biased and influence your decision, you will choose according to your wishes.

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We answer your questions about inflatable tents

With inflatable tents ending up increasingly famous, and with various brands presently making their very own forms of this idea, we thought we’d answer a portion of the as often as possible made inquiries we get as to this incredible new innovation.

The term ‘inflatable tent’ may sound somewhat like a bouncy château, however as a general rule it’s the general term for a tent with inflatable shafts as opposed to fiberglass posts. These tents can likewise be known as air tents or inflatable pillar tents, among different names..

We stay with a general name for these tents, as each brand has an alternate name for their own innovation. You may have heard the names ‘Airbeam’ by Vango, ‘Airgo’ by Hi Gear or ‘SmartAir’ by Outwell to give some examples. In spite of the fact that they’re all unique in their own specific manners, each complete with a similar thought: a tent without posts that you pump up to pitch.

Investigate the Hi Gear Nimbus 8 Airgo tent for instance

Inflatable tents are a major advance forward for family tents. The entire spring up thought that you get with littler tents that can be contributed seconds is incredible, however it doesn’t work that well with a tent that can house at least 6 individuals – it just gets somewhat ungainly. An inflatable tent basically should be unfurled, pumped up and pegged down.

We took to Facebook and asked our clients what their primary concerns were about this new kind of tent.

1) ” I like the possibility of an air tent for simple creation. However I am careful about getting one as each inflatable thing. I have ever purchased has spilled air and the valve look doubtfully like those found on careless plastic airbeds. I know the shafts are powerful yet with my fortunes the valves would fall flat.”

We’ve all had issues with inflatables. Yet the reason inflatable tents are somewhat more costly than your standard tent. Is that they are produced using a significantly more grounded material. Consider it purchasing a considerably more solid airbed. You’d likely expect that it will cost more than your standard spending plan airbed. We had the Vango inflatable tents pitched outside/inside a portion of our stores. And we’ve really been out resting in the Hi Gear ones this year while out shooting. And we can state that we haven’t had the tent collapse on us in the night right now. The shafts are a standout amongst the most very important parts of these tents. So it’s something that each brand has absolutely chipped away at to make sure they are solid.

2) “I don’t think about the air beam tents? Air can’t be as solid as fiberglass or steel. A great solid breeze and I’d think they’d be everywhere?” 

When you consider inflatable’s. You think about the shop at the coastline with each one of those dinghies and inflatable crocs. So forth going wild in the breeze, isn’t that so? Try not to stress. The shafts on these tents blow up to end up extremely very strong. These tents have pitched outside our stores over an entire summer with insignificant issues. Try not to trust us. Someone who had an inflatable tent as of now and they had this to state:

“We have the Vango Evoque 400 as well. Wonderful in single word. Utilized the previous summer through France, Italy, Austria and Germany, gracious, and UK likewise… withstands extremely solid breeze easily, woke one morning after furious tempest, went outside. Nothing had moved, fellow ropes still instructed, kept flawless shape. And it’s the most waterproof tent I have utilized in more than 33 years of Camping”

“A year ago we went everywhere in loathsome wet climate and 90 m.p.h winds ,the tent took everything and I remained warm and dry all through. All Vango parts are ensured ( not had an issue)”

Fiberglass shafts can be known to bomb in high breeze if the tent is pitched under an excess of weight, the fundamental advantage that inflatable tents have is that there’s zero chance of this sort of issue happening.

3) “I’d fear getting a cut and the entire thing falling on me in the night!” 

For this sort of tent to be as tough as they may be, they must be produced using a hard wearing material, this guarantees they aren’t as simple to cut as you may think. Notwithstanding if punctures do happen, they’re easy to settle (not at all like a shaft snap) – just utilize the repair unit gave, much like you would a bicycle tire.

4) “A worry I would have is children letting them down ??” 

The Hi Gear Airgo tents have one draw point (for quick swelling) however various stop valves, and the Vango Airbeams have numerous pump focuses, so the majority of the pillars shouldn’t collapse on the double. We wouldn’t state that there is any more hazard than a typical tent, which can likewise be brought down from the outside by unplugging the post from the stick. You ought to be fine.

5) “Are inflatable tents superior to anything ‘ordinary’ tents??”

Fiberglass tents and steel poled tents are prevalent for a reason – they’re incredible! Regardless of whether inflatable tents are better is completely down to you, the camper. In case you’re searching for an expansive family tent that can be pitched by one individual, immediately, at that point an inflatable tent is perfect. If you’re a camper who’s had a terrible involvement with snapping shafts amid an outdoors trip, at that point an inflatable tent is perfect.

And you’re a family on a financial plan, or you’re generally new to outdoors and not hoping to spend as much on a tent, at that point we’d suggest taking a gander at a fiberglass poled tent.The correct tent for you, may not be the correct tent for another person. Consider where you will camp, regardless of whether you’ll have help to pitch, how much space you require, and what kind of spending you need to spend.

Inflatable Tents Combined With Sleeping Bags


A sleeping bag is furnished with  inflatable cover. The cover when expanded characterizes a tent with the pack arranged in that.

Shape Of Tent:

All the more especially, the expanded cover characterizes an empty. Half barrel shut at each end with the level side of the chamber filling in as the base of the tent.

Shut Finishes:

Something like one of the shut finishes.We can also use  seal capable folds. We can open it at work.

Convertible tents:

Highly comfortable bed shape is available in it.It is soft and easy to use.It can easily convertible into inflatable tent as well as in bed shape.

Outside Structure Of Tents:

The cover can have adaptable circles which reach out outside of the barrel and which can get stakes. The stakes, when driven through the circles into the ground.We can hold the tent set up. On the other hand the tent can be held set up.

Function Of Stakes:

It is without stakes by the heaviness of the contents.In adaptable inflatable cover for sleeping bag, the cover framing a tent with the pack arranged in that. When swelled characterizing a level empty half barrel shut at each end.It is  with the level side of the half chamber filling in as the base of the tent.

Internal Structure Of Tents:

.It is no less than one of the shut finishes containing seal able folds.We can open it at work.

Adaptable Circles:

Here  adaptable circles anchored to the cover and stretching out outside of the barrel,.The said circles being orchestrated to get stakes.

Backup System To avoid Crashing:

If very less air or any problem occurred. It become crashed.To avoid from the crash of tents. when crashed into the ground it hold the tent set up.

Inflatable tent Information


Cutting Edge Two Man

As cutting edge of tents with two man. Lightweight climbing vault tent. It is fixing to rocks there is no place to drive stakes on stone rack.

Littler tents

Littler tents might joined to the ground. Large tents are tied down .Tents are use to recreate outdoors and as temporary safe houses.

American citizen and Canadian citizen

They were used  by American citizen and Canadian citizen of the Plains Indians called a teepee or tipi. Noted for its cone shape and top smoke-opening. Since old occasions differently assess from 10,000 years to 4,000


Tents field in size from “bivouac” structures. Suitably giant for one person to rest in, up to huge festival tents. The greater part of this article is worried about tents utilized for recreational outdoors which have dozing space for one to ten persons. Bigger tents are talked about in a different section and beneath.

Recreational Outdoors

Tents for recreational outdoors fall into two classes. Tents planned to be express by hikers are the littlest and lightest order. Little tents might be sufficiently light that they can be suggest for long separations on a bike or hiking.

Second Kind

The second kind are bigger. Heavier tents which are normally suggest in an auto or other vehicle. And the experience of the person or persons included. Such tents can ordinarily be gathered in the middle of 5 and 25 minutes. Striking takes a similar time period. Some specific tents have spring-load posts and can be ‘level’ .


1 History

2 Use

2.1 Traditional

2.2 Military

2.3 Recreational

2.4 Emergency

2.5 Protest developments

3 General contemplations


4 List of customary kinds

5 Parts

6 Design components

7 Shelters

8 Modern styles

8.1 Rigid posts

8.2 Flexible posts

8.3 Inflatable airbeams

9 Older tent styles

10 Marquees and bigger tents

11 Influence on building structure

12 References

13  External connections


Roman Army cowhide tents, delineated on Trajan’s Column.

Tents were utilized at any rate as far back as the early Iron Age.They are made reference to in the Bible; for instance, in the GenesisJabal is depicted as ‘the first to live in tents and raise sheep and goats’. The Roman Army utilized calfskin tents, duplicates of which have been utilized effectively by present day re-enactors. Various styles created after some time, some got from conventional migrant tents, for example, the yurt.

Military Tents

Most military tents from the beginning of time were of a straightforward edge design.[citation needed] The major mechanical development was the utilization of material or hemp canvas for the overhang versus calfskin for the Romans. The essential utilization of tents was still to give convenient safe house to few men in the field.

World War I

By World War I bigger plans were being express in back zones to give shelter to help exercises and materials.


Tents are used as home by traveler, campers, fighters, and  problems. Tents are use as safe house for celebrations, weddings, terrace parties, major corporate occasions

A Berber tent close Zagora, Morocco

Tents have been used by travelers  everywhere throughout the world.

For example

Native Americans, Mongolian, Turkic and Tibetan Nomads, and the Bedouin


U.S. Armed force tent with built wooden passage, climate control system, and sandbags for assurance. Triumph Base, Baghdad, Iraq (April 2004).

Armed forces

Armed forces everywhere throughout the world have since quite a while ago utilized tents as a component of their working life. Tents are favored by the military for their setup and bring down occasions.It is safe house.One of the world’s biggest clients of tents is the U.S. Branch of Defense. The U.S. Bureau of Defense has strict principles on tent quality and tent particulars.

Most Well-Known Tent

The most well-known tent uses for the military are impermanent garisson huts (resting quarters), DFAC structures (eating offices), field central station, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) offices. Therefore these are security checkpoints. A standout among the most prevalent military structures as of now handled by the U.S. DoD is the TEMPER Tent. TEMPER is an acronym for Tent Expandable Modular Personnel. The U.S. military is starting to use a more current tent.

It is a collapsible tent with arrangements for cooling and heating.


Outdoors is a prominent type of amusement which frequently includes the utilization of tents. A tent is prudent and functional as a result of its conveyability and low ecological effect. These characteristics are important when utilized in the wild or backwoods.

Dissent developments

Tents are additionally frequently utilized as locales and images of dissent over time.[5] In 1968 Resurrection City saw several tents set up by hostile to neediness campaigners in Washington D.C. During the 1980s enemy of atomic peace camps spread crosswise over Europe and North America. England to challenge journey rockets amid the Cold War. The 1990s saw ecological dissent camps as a component of the battle for the Clayoquot Sound in Canada and the streets challenges in the UK.

No Border Network camp

The main No Border Network camp was held in Strasbourg in 2002. Other worldwide camps of the 2000s incorporate summit counter-mobilisations like Horizone at the Gleneagles G8 assembling in 2005 and the beginning of Camp. For Climate Action Since September 2011. The tent has been utilized as an image of the Occupy movement

The citation needed] a universal challenge development which is fundamentally coordinated. They are against financial and social disparity. Involve dissidents utilize tents to make camps in broad daylight. The places wherein they can frame networks of open exchange and law based activity.

General contemplation

This area perhaps contains unique research. It would be ideal if you enhance it by checking the cases made and including inline references. Explanations comprising just of unique research ought to be evacuated.

A straightforward tented sanctuary

Nylon and polyester are substantially lighter than cotton. They don’t assimilate much water and with appropriate coatings.They can be extremely waterproof, however they have a tendency to decay. After some time because of a moderate concoction breakdown caused by bright light. The most widely recognized medications to make texture waterproof are silicone impregnation or polyurethane covering.

Rain obstruction

Rain obstruction is estimated and communicated as hydro static head in millimeters (mm).[7] This demonstrates the weight of water expected to enter a texture. Substantial or wind-driven rain has a higher weight because of light rain. Remaining on a groundsheet builds the weight and on any water underneath. Texture with 1000 mm or less is best viewed as give safe for summer outdoors. Tents for all year utilize for the most part but  have no less than 2000 mm.

Tent Makers

Several tent makers make known limit by such expressions as “2 man”. These numbers define what number of persons the producer thinks can use the tent. However these numbers don’t generally take into consideration any close to home effects. For example baggage, inflatable sleeping cushions, camp beds, beds, and so forth.

Checking the cited sizes

Checking the cited sizes of field uncovers that few makers think about that a width of 150 cm (4.9 ft). It is  sufficient for three persons. Experience tells that outdoors might be more satisfying if the real number of population is one or even two.



Welcome to https://inflatabletentsite.com In this article i will briefly describe the difference between Air tent and Pole tent.

Air tent versus Pole tent 

Outdoors World takes a gander at the developing universe of inflatable air tents and gauges them against the customary shaft tent.

In the course of the last a few outdoors seasons in the UK. The beginning of the air tent has arrived. An answer for an issue not really ever thought. It has surely become the overwhelming. Focus in the outdoors world setting conventionalizes against the cutting edge. Bother free camper.

Inflatable tents come as a solitary large unit. That you reveal the boot of your auto. Plug in a pump and in merely minutes. You have a strong unsupported structure to peg out.  You’re finished. Customary tents as a rule take somewhat longer to collect. After you’ve assembled and deliberately strung every one of your shafts. And unstable the person lines to keep it standing. Here the advantages unmistakably lie with the air tent. As it very well may pitch by anybody huge or little with no additional assistance. And doesn’t depend on much if any mastery to get it pitched well.



The primary drawback is weight. The air tent as a solitary unit has a bigger single weight. And your conventional post tent shaft tent has a tendency to be part crosswise. Over at least two packs making it less demanding to deal with and transport.
This is somewhat of a stacked inquiry. As everything relies upon the climate conditions at the time. Air tents with the focal pillar have a great deal of basic help. And can withstand most truly terrible climate conditions with the correct pegs. Yet they will flex with the breeze. A post tent might be more inflexible at the time. Yet should the breeze get excessively solid where an air tent will flex and take the weight regardless. Whether leveled to the floor. Strong shafts will curve and break. Potentially tearing tent texture and causing a considerable measure of harm.

Would i be able to get a considerable measure of room?

You can get a greater tent in the event that you go for the conventional post tent alternative. Truth. Air shaft innovation has a limited bar width to keep up unbending nature and while you can get some huge air tents, they are not exactly at the size level of the standard conventional tents available. Yet, you require more individuals to help pitch them the greater they get – one individual can picth any air tent.

Try not to air tents detonate!

No. Present day attempted and tried innovation implies air tents are extremely steady. Taking Outwell for instance the air shafts are tried to 24psi – they can just physically be expanded to around 11psi so this permits a ton of space for development. We stock an expansive exhibit of air tent extras however have never expected to utilize them fortunately. This is set against our substitution tent posts and hardware which we offer ordinary.


Would I be able to repair or administration an air tent myself?

All outdoors repairs should be possible yourself. Some precarious repairs like shafts or textures can be taken to a provider, yet with an air tent you would essentially supplant an internal tube or valve which is effortlessly done.



Which tents are the most costly?

Like anything it depends what you purchase.Air tent is still generally new which makes these tents very costly. Yet they have a solid resale value. Usual tents can be more costly in the event. That you get the highest point of the range models. However, so air tents extremely fit inside the typical value go for this size and style of tent.


Welcome to https://inflatabletentsite.com  Here i will guide you about inflatable tent and air tent buying guide.


INFLATABLE TENT Outdoors truly is a magnificent thing. Returning to nature, kicking back with a cool one, taking in that spotless nation air – every little thing about it is a delight. But perhaps setting up the tent. Wouldn’t it be extraordinary in the event that we could simply skirt that part and inspire directly to investigating nature or unwinding with a beverage?

Setting up a portable shelter can be diligent work. If the climate is a little on the severe side. That is the place inflatable tents can help. This post has been refreshed to incorporate 2018 item extends. You’re getting the specific most recent and best inflatable tents. In the event that you simply need a fast takes a gander at the best air tents, see beneath:

Vango Air-beam Keswick 600DLX

Vango Air Beam Lomond 500

Kampa Croyde 6 Pro

Vango AirBeam Keswick 800XXL


Zempire Aero TL Lite


What are inflatable tents?

Inflatable tents (or air tents as they’re generally known) are much the same as some other tents, with the exception of one noteworthy contrast. Rather than having customary shafts produced using metal, plastic or fiberglass, the tent uses inflatable pillars, pumped up to give the structure.

Vango was the principal organization to truly convey inflatable tents to the standard outdoors showcase with their AirBeam arrangement, or, in other words, the most well known around. Different organizations have joined the scene now, be that as it may, with tents from Zempire, Outwell, Kampa, and others, the majority of a high caliber.

They’re expanded simply utilizing a pump, which means you don’t need to stress over shafts, that you can’t exactly get the opportunity to twist legitimately or get lost inside their little sleeve when you’re putting the tent up.

As a rule, they’re adding much quicker to erect than customary tents, and some can go up in truly a couple of minutes. Some take longer than others, in any case, all in all, the procedure is smoother and more streamlined.

How do inflatable tents function?



Why utilize an inflatable tent?

Well, the most evident reason is the time it takes to set up and bring down.When you get to your pitch. You don’t need to invest so much energy raising it. Which means you’ll possess more energy for investigating/drinking wine. Simply imagine the looks on the essences of your kindred campers. As you swing up to the campground after them and wrap up your tent up before them.

What’s more, we’re not simply discussing the little tents. Indeed, even the biggest air tents can be raised in actually minutes. You can have an expansive, fantastic, 8 billet family tent in only 15 minutes. Consider how much time you’ll spare.


Being lighter, air tents are less demanding to drag around with you, or, in other words in the event that you need to walk a separation to your pitch.

You additionally don’t have to stress over broken or bowed posts and attempting to retouch them utilizing pipe tape or whatever else you have lying around.

How steady are inflatable tents?

It won’t coast off in the breeze if that is what you’re stressed over. Because of the absence of shafts, inflatable tents are lighter than normal tents, yet that doesn’t mean they’re temperamental. Regardless they require pegging down and anchoring with fellow ropes, much the same as any tent, and are very solid amid harsh climate, regularly more so than poled tents.

Are inflatable tents solid?

We’re not discussing some modest oddity tent here. Air tents are made to an unfathomably elevated requirement and are no less solid than their poled brethren. Ordinary tents can withstand a reasonable piece of battering, however, will get harmed if not thought about, and the equivalent goes for inflatable tents.

Vango even sent a tent into space and it survived the voyage! Look at it…


With respect to punctures, they are extraordinarily uncommon. Likewise with every one of the tents, simply be aware of specific sharp protests and guarantee you set up the portable shelter on a level surface, cleaning up rocks and some other nastiest.

Essentially, take care of it and you won’t have any issues. Most tents accompany a cut repair pack in the far-fetched case you do happen to get a cut, while you can buy substitution inflatable posts for a few models (the Vango Air Beam arrangement, for example). These substitutions are anything but difficult to fit, and should be possible with the base of complaint.

Some air tents have one ceaseless wind current through the entire structure, while others utilize separate inflatable posts. Be that as it may, regardless of whether tents with a constant wind stream get a cut, it won’t fall over you amidst the night, as you can cut off each segment inside the tent.

Best inflatable tents 2018

All things considered, the title of the best inflatable tent is fairly emotional – it truly depends precisely what you’re searching for. Do you need something little and comfortable or an inflatable tent with space for the entire family?

Here are only a couple of our top choices…

Vango AirBeam Keswick 600DLX Air Tent

The Vango AirBeam Keswick 600DLX air tent is outstanding amongst other offering family tents around, so it’s nothing unexpected to see it back for 2018!

Elite to Winfield’s Outdoors, The Keswick 600DLX air tent is basically a standout amongst other esteem inflatable tents available, and few others can contrast and the highlights and particulars it gloats. It’s a 6-man tent, and on account of the secured augmentation at the front, gives the ideal harmony among open air and indoor living space. Perfect for family outdoors.

Vango AirBeam Lomond 500 Air Tent

The Vango AirBeam Lomond 500 air tent is another Winfield restrictive and has been refreshed for 2018.It’s a 5-man tent. Furthermore has a  plenty of living region too. So is perfect for families or friends away for the end of the week.You can invest more energy making the most of your outdoors occasion.


This is outstanding amongst other esteem tents available at this moment. You truly can’t turn out badly with this one. In the event that you need to see within the tent and look at it in the entirety.



Kampa Croyde 6 Air Tent Pro

The Kampa Croyde 6 Air Tent Pro is a genuine Kampa great any doubt to make you the jealous of any campground. This 6-man tent is designed with a 2+2+2 dozing course of action. That this can be changed as expected because of the zipped dividers.

Kampa Croyde 6 Air Tent Pro
Kampa Croyde 6 Air Tent Pro

This inflatable tent highlights a vast living space, perfect for unwinding, eating or for additional capacity – it’s dependent upon you! It includes Kampa’s AirFrame innovation, guaranteeing solid and tough inflatable posts that can be expanded and emptied in minutes. Take in more about the Croyde 6 with the video underneath…


Vango AirBeam Keswick 800XXL Air Tent

The Vango Keswick 800XXL air tent is a tent that is selective to Winfield’s in 2018. So you won’t discover it anyplace else!

This tent is ideal for the individuals who require some additional room. Dozing eight and flaunting one of biggest living territories in the Vango run. Waterproof and highlighting Vango’s matchless solid and tough AirBeam innovation. This tent will face whatever the British climate can toss at you!

Zempire Aero TL Lite Air Tent

This eye-getting inflatable tent is completely ideal for families who need something dependable and simple to transport. The Zempire Aero TL Lite air tent rests five individuals so is extraordinary for families or notwithstanding for couples who simply like some additional room when outdoors.

The tent highlights a bigger entryway at the front. It has also entryways on either side. There is a lot of room inside for unwinding or shielding. It takes an abandon the more disappointing

Review of inflatable tents

Vango Inflatable Tent

Vango Air beam are inflatable tents.They  are introduced in 2011 .That have been in development for twelve years.They have some specification which make it different.

They are best to work outside home.When we are outdoor we need a tent with luxuries.These tents contains all these specifications.

I work in the Outdoor Leisure Trade.Mostly they had many reservations about these new introductions. However, I have now seen these in the flesh. Hathaway, I can speak at the recent Boat and Caravan Show.It is from  Birmingham NEC .I have had all my reservations wiped away.

Exhibition of tents in last years:

Many of tents are erected by me at exhibitions over the last few years.They are use  in all weather conditions.It can be  from torrential rain to gales, but with the utmost confidence. It can be seriously said by me,that these were seriously impressive.

It is firmly believe that the development period is justified and that they will cope and moreover resist any weather or incident thrown there way by mother nature.


I have read comments posted by people on forums. As further fetched by me.It has some questions.

“What if a bird with sharp claws land on these, will it puncture?”.

“What if in the middle of a night a storm causes it to puncture?”

This however did prompt a rather comedic response from another user. What ever a storm can throw at your tent in the night to puncture it? That it may be more likely to slice through and kill you.

I can safely say that after looking at and playing about with these tents for the last week, that would not happen.The inner tubes are encased within a nylon sleeve which also sits inside a tough durable outer which would take some considerable pressure even with a pin to cause any sort of penetration.

Specification of tents:

Not only are the specifications of these tents benefited any technical tent.They will more than cope with the weather that Britain throws at us while we enjoy or maybe on occasion endure our camping holidays.

New Developments in Manufacturing:

I my self am contemplating getting out my wallet dusting off the cobwebs and finally buying a new tent. These for me represent a new era and will have several impacts on my camping preparation.

1. These take up less space in the boot or roof box.

2. The weight is considerably less with the absence of poles.

3. Set up and take down time are dramatically reduced as shown in recent videos.

4. The pump provided can be used to pump up my luxurious airbed too.

So, in my opinion inflatable tents have just took a giant leap forward

So as Vango say, “Let them take your breath away.”

Welcome to Inflatablesite .com.In this topic i will give you information about INFLATABLE TENTS.

Inflatable tents 

Inflatable tents are made from metal, plastic or fiberglass.We use Inflatable tent for  camping.. Instead of steel or fiberglass poles, these tents have inflatable beams which are filled via a pump; the beams become rigid and keep the tent stable and upright, much like a standard tent pole but easier.


Distinctive Types of Inflatable Tent

Inflatable tents are ideal for gatherings in the terrace, at the shoreline, or even in the recreation center. An inflatable tent is produced in different shapes. The two noteworthy classes incorporate the gathering tents and outdoors tents.

Gathering tents

In the event they have enough space for visitors to have a ton of fun.Leasing an inflatable tent is a great choice. They arrive in an assortment of plans and sizes to coordinate the specific kind of event. Motivations to lease the inflatable tent incorporate weddings gatherings, child’s birthday gatherings, fairs and comparative festivals.

The gathering tents look like trucks. They can likewise incorporate separate zones for various exercises. A level territory is incredible for bouncing around and a creep space is extraordinary for covering up. Different highlights incorporate a b-ball circle, climbing territory and slides. The inflatable tents are utilizing a business review material. A commonplace size for a children play tent is in the locale of 175 to 250 square feet.

For the grown-up social affair, an inflatable gathering cover is the most ideal approach to shield visitors from the unconventionality of climate. A  cover is longer than most different styles of tent. A typical size for this sort of tent is 15 feet x 25 feet.

Outdoors tents

A urgent bit of gear identifies with the genuine tent structure. They arrive in a scope of sizes, from little to substantial, and offer one of the most effortless kinds of tent to erect at the campground.

A 1 individual inflatable outdoors tent is a minimized bit of hardware and depends on air bar bolster and not the customary post underpins seen on most other sort of tents. They are difficult to  pack up and transport. A solitary individual tent is probably going to say something the locale of 2.5 pounds and measure 10-ft long x 27-crawls in stature. This is sufficient space to easily acknowledge one grown-up.

The vast majority of the inflatable tents are furnished with an incorporated pneumatic machine to rearrange the set-up process at the campground. Pneumatic machines blow up with tents inside only seconds. Inflatable outdoors tents  come in different sizes.