October 2018


Vango Inflatable Tent

Vango Air beam are inflatable tents.They  are introduced in 2011 .That have been in development for twelve years.They have some specification which make it different.

They are best to work outside home.When we are outdoor we need a tent with luxuries.These tents contains all these specifications.

I work in the Outdoor Leisure Trade.Mostly they had many reservations about these new introductions. However, I have now seen these in the flesh. Hathaway, I can speak at the recent Boat and Caravan Show.It is from  Birmingham NEC .I have had all my reservations wiped away.

Exhibition of tents in last years:

Many of tents are erected by me at exhibitions over the last few years.They are use  in all weather conditions.It can be  from torrential rain to gales, but with the utmost confidence. It can be seriously said by me,that these were seriously impressive.

It is firmly believe that the development period is justified and that they will cope and moreover resist any weather or incident thrown there way by mother nature.


I have read comments posted by people on forums. As further fetched by me.It has some questions.

“What if a bird with sharp claws land on these, will it puncture?”.

“What if in the middle of a night a storm causes it to puncture?”

This however did prompt a rather comedic response from another user. What ever a storm can throw at your tent in the night to puncture it? That it may be more likely to slice through and kill you.

I can safely say that after looking at and playing about with these tents for the last week, that would not happen.The inner tubes are encased within a nylon sleeve which also sits inside a tough durable outer which would take some considerable pressure even with a pin to cause any sort of penetration.

Specification of tents:

Not only are the specifications of these tents benefited any technical tent.They will more than cope with the weather that Britain throws at us while we enjoy or maybe on occasion endure our camping holidays.

New Developments in Manufacturing:

I my self am contemplating getting out my wallet dusting off the cobwebs and finally buying a new tent. These for me represent a new era and will have several impacts on my camping preparation.

1. These take up less space in the boot or roof box.

2. The weight is considerably less with the absence of poles.

3. Set up and take down time are dramatically reduced as shown in recent videos.

4. The pump provided can be used to pump up my luxurious airbed too.

So, in my opinion inflatable tents have just took a giant leap forward

So as Vango say, “Let them take your breath away.”

Welcome to Inflatablesite .com.In this topic i will give you information about INFLATABLE TENTS.

Inflatable tents 

Inflatable tents are made from metal, plastic or fiberglass.We use Inflatable tent for  camping.. Instead of steel or fiberglass poles, these tents have inflatable beams which are filled via a pump; the beams become rigid and keep the tent stable and upright, much like a standard tent pole but easier.


Distinctive Types of Inflatable Tent

Inflatable tents are ideal for gatherings in the terrace, at the shoreline, or even in the recreation center. An inflatable tent is produced in different shapes. The two noteworthy classes incorporate the gathering tents and outdoors tents.

Gathering tents

In the event they have enough space for visitors to have a ton of fun.Leasing an inflatable tent is a great choice. They arrive in an assortment of plans and sizes to coordinate the specific kind of event. Motivations to lease the inflatable tent incorporate weddings gatherings, child’s birthday gatherings, fairs and comparative festivals.

The gathering tents look like trucks. They can likewise incorporate separate zones for various exercises. A level territory is incredible for bouncing around and a creep space is extraordinary for covering up. Different highlights incorporate a b-ball circle, climbing territory and slides. The inflatable tents are utilizing a business review material. A commonplace size for a children play tent is in the locale of 175 to 250 square feet.

For the grown-up social affair, an inflatable gathering cover is the most ideal approach to shield visitors from the unconventionality of climate. A  cover is longer than most different styles of tent. A typical size for this sort of tent is 15 feet x 25 feet.

Outdoors tents

A urgent bit of gear identifies with the genuine tent structure. They arrive in a scope of sizes, from little to substantial, and offer one of the most effortless kinds of tent to erect at the campground.

A 1 individual inflatable outdoors tent is a minimized bit of hardware and depends on air bar bolster and not the customary post underpins seen on most other sort of tents. They are difficult to  pack up and transport. A solitary individual tent is probably going to say something the locale of 2.5 pounds and measure 10-ft long x 27-crawls in stature. This is sufficient space to easily acknowledge one grown-up.

The vast majority of the inflatable tents are furnished with an incorporated pneumatic machine to rearrange the set-up process at the campground. Pneumatic machines blow up with tents inside only seconds. Inflatable outdoors tents  come in different sizes.


Welcome to . In this article i will tell you about Inflatable tent Structure


An inflatable tent involves an edge and an alternatively removable cover. The casing has a inflatable  by and large tubular part. The upright segment has curve having two closures. The upright area additionally includes no less than one familiar supporting curve.. Its fragment have one end connected to the fundamental curve and the opposite end appended to the base segment.


The present invention relates to an inflatable tent, and more particularly to an inflatable tent having a continuous tubular frame.


Some have inflatable dividers and floors, bringing about a fairly overwhelming tent that sets aside impressive opportunity to blow up. Others have inflatable casings to help the tent dividers and floor.

Capacity Of Tents:

A critical capacity of an inflatable tent is that it be fast and simple to erect and crumple. It is likewise essential that an inflatable tent be lightweight and simple to store and convey. It is obvious that an inflatable  tent edge can cut .

Summary of the Invention

One part of the present development is a tent involving a casing and a removable cover. The edge comprises a single inflatable tent by and large tubular part.


Another part of the innovation is a tent including an edge and a cover fit for encasing the casing. The edge includes a solitary inflatable consistent for the most part tubular part involving a base segment and an upright segment. The upright area includes an adjusted principle curve having two closures.

structural advancement:

The two finishes being steadily joined to the base segment, and no less than one adjusted supporting curve.I think the  portion having two finishes, wherein one end is steadily. It is  connected to the primary curve and the opposite end is steadily appended to the base segment.

Description of Drawing

These and different points of interest of the present development will be all the more completely comprehended and considered. Therefore as for the accompanying itemized depiction, attached cases, and going with illustrations

FIG. 1 illustrates an inflatable tent frame according to the present invention.

FIG. 2 is a side view of the inflatable tent frame of FIG. 1.

FIGS. 3a and 3b illustrate how the cover is attached to the inflatable frame.


The present innovation is coordinated to an inflatable tent involving a casing and a cover. FIGS. 1, 2, 3a and 3b give a favored epitome of an inflatable tent as indicated by the present innovation. With reference to FIG. 1.

We use the edge 10 involves a solitary inflatable nonstop but for the most part tubular part 12. It  makes the state of the tent and is utilized to help the cover. The cross-sectional region of the for the most part tubular part 12 can be. I think for instance, a circle, an oval or a square shape with adjusted corners, and is ideally a circle.


The ceaseless tubular part 12 takes into account infusion of a liquid, ideally air, at a solitary area to blow up the whole tubular part by section of the liquid all through the whole part. Whenever expanded, the tubular part 12 is sufficiently inflexible to help the cover without considerable hanging by the tubular part or the cover.

The tubular part 12 involves a base area 14 and an upright segment 16, which offers shape to the tent. The base segment 14 and upright area 16 are steadily joined at least one areas.


The base segment 14 is ideally rectangular fit as a fiddle, however can likewise have different shapes, for example, round, oval, square and other polygonal shapes. At the point when the tubular part 12 is rectangular fit .As a fiddle it includes two parallel long wise edges 18. Which are the more drawn out sides of the rectangular base, and two parallel .The width wise edges 20. Here are the shorter sides of the rectangular base.

The base segment 14 can be of any sensible size. It is favored, in any case, that the base segment be no greater than that required to rest three people. Ideally the long way edges 18 territory long from around 75 to 110 inches, and all the more ideally from around 85 to 95 inches. The width wise edges 20 ideally go long from around 65 to 100 inches, and all. The more ideally from around 80 to 90 inches.

prices of tents:

Reasonable pneumatic beds are portrayed in U.S. Pat. Nos. 4,977,633, 5,267,363, and 5,367,726. The exposures of which are consolidated in this by reference. A favored inflatable cushion is the air trailed.

Steadily connected to the base area 14 at different areas is the upright segment 16. In one encapsulation, the upright segment 16 involves a primary curve 22 and at least one supporting curve. Its portions 24. The primary curve 22 and supporting curve,Therefore  sections 24 each have two closures. The fundamental curve 22 and supporting curve portions 24 are ideally adjusted.It have no calculated corners. One case of an adjusted principle curve 22 is appeared in FIG. 1, where the primary curve has straight sides meeting an adjusted best.

supporting portions:

On the other hand, the primary curve 22 as well as the supporting curve portions 24 can include at least two straight fragments associated at an edge as opposed to the adjusted outline. This calculated outline is less attractive and nonetheless.On the grounds that it gives less help than the adjusted plan and is more troublesome and costly to produce than the adjusted outline.

fundamental points:

At the point when the base segment 14 is rectangular, the fundamental curve 22 is arranged parallel to the long way . Edges 18 and is steadily joined at both of its finishes, ideally at an edge of around 90 degrees. To each of the width wise edges 20 at association focuses 26. Association focuses 26 are ideally situated at or close to the midpoints of the width wise edges 20.


Ideally the supporting curve portions 24 are steadily joined to the primary curve 22 at an edge. Running from around 85 to around 95 degrees. All the more ideally extending from around 87 to around 93 degrees. And still more ideally at an edge of around 90 degrees.

As the upright segment ideally contains supporting curves 24 in sets. With the end goal that each left side supporting curve section 24a has an identical representation. Right side supporting curve fragment 24b. The left side supporting curve fragment 24a and the correct side supporting curve portion 24b are associated with inverse sides.

direct association

Of the principle curve 22 at association directs 30 and are associated toward inverse long wise edges 18. At association focuses 28 to such an extent that, however for the nearness of the fundamental curve 22. The match of supporting curve sections would shape a lonely curve parallel to the width wise edges 20. In a favored epitome, the upright segment 16 includes two sets of supporting curve sections 24.

Upright segmentation of tents:

The upright segment additionally contains at least one cross shafts 32 having two closures. Each cross shaft 32 is steadily joined to two supporting curve sections 24. To find  such an extent that the two finishes of each cross bar 32. They are steadily appended to two distinctive supporting curve portions 24 at association focuses 34. The cross bars 32 are ideally parallel to the long way edges 20 and associate

It is considered that ideally at an edge of around 90 degrees, to the supporting curve fragments 24. The cross pillars 32 give extra help and more prominent unbending nature to the upright segment 16.  On the other hand, the upright segment 16 could include two fundamental curves 22.

Inflatable tent Structure

The traversing slantingly over the base area 14 from inverse corners, in this way framing a “X” shape. In another elective exemplification, cross pillars 32 can be utilized .

The primary curve 22, supporting curve fragments 24, cross pillars 32, and base area. i t  can be steadily joined to each other by any reasonable means. Ideally they are warm welded, however can likewise be sewn, for instance. Ideally each area of the edge 10. The primary curve 22, each supporting curve portion 24, each cross pillar 32, and the base segment.

Each unique section require not have indistinguishable circuit from alternate fragments. Then again, a portion can decrease from one end to the next. For instance, the fundamental curve 22 can decrease from base to top, with the end goal that it is more lightweight at the best.

majority association

In the majority of the association focuses 26, 28, 30 and 34 contain air section openings. Different mixes of focuses that contain air entry openings. Association focuses that don’t contain air section openings can exist. Insofar can be swelled by infusion of a liquid at a solitary area.
The air entry openings ought to be sufficiently huge to allow the liquid. Ideally the air section openings are substantial. As the inward distances across of the primary curve. Supporting curve fragments, and cross bars individually.


A cover equipped for encasing the casing 10 is additionally given.

The cover contains a texture. That structures an area. In which the edge can be found. That has an inside and an outside. By single texture it isn’t implied that the cover can’t be made of in excess of one material. But instead just that the whole cover is a constant cover encasing the whole edge 10. To erect the tent of the present innovation. The edge 10 is arranged inside the encased area of the cover and swelled.


1. A tent comprising:

Aframe comprising a single inflatable continuous generally-tubular member. The generally-tubular member comprising:

A rectangular base section having two lengthwise edges and two width wise edges shorter than the lengthwise edges; and

an upright section comprising:

A rounded main arch having two ends and extending parallel.


A first pair of supporting arch segments on one side of the main arch. Each supporting arch segment extending from one lengthwise edge to the main arch.  A second pair of supporting arch segments on the other side of the main arch. Each supporting arch segment extending from the other lengthwise edge to the main arch.


A cover having an inside and an outside. The cover enclosing the frame.

  1. Each cross beam having two ends.
  2. Here two ends of the first cross beam being fixedly attached to the first pair.For the supporting arch segments.
  3. The cover is a removable cover.It is capable of being temporarily attached to the frame.
  4. The removable cover comprises a single flexible fabric.
  5. Second cross beam is fixedly attached to each tent.It is use for  the supporting arch segments.
  6.  At an angle of about 90 degrees.




Welcome to inflatable tent site. In this article i will tell you about Dreamscape Tent. Dreamscape tents are very beautiful. Dreamscape Tent is  the dream  of every boy and girl. Hope you will enjoy it.

When viewers see Dreamscape Tents  . Viewers are impressed with dreamscape tents. Participants lie in the large white bed set. Bed is in the middle. Participants lay nap and daydream within mirrors canvas on the walls. The structure plays host to musical performances, events, and acted as a serene hideaway for idle guests of the creative happening.

The bed and disco ball inside the DreamScape

Visitors lies and doing cool stuff  inside the dreamy art tent



Welcome to the Inflatable Tent Site.Where you’ll find consumer information and a buyer’s guide for finding the best possible inflatable tent for the occasion . When it comes to throwing parties or any other occasion we will provide best services of new and old tents.Here you can see and get your desire tent.

Your Guide To 2018’s New Tents

There’s a typical read among non-campers that one tent is extremely very similar to another. There are tunnel tents.Tents with poles, expensive tents with tubes, tents with frames. Big ones, very little ones. Yes, tents are available all shapes and sizes. So, shopping for a brand new tent isn’t simple. There are actually many completely different models.To decide on from and it will all appear a bit overwhelming.

Over the years we’ve seen tents move dramatically.These days, they’re over simply a shelter from the weather.They’re a virtual home-from-home. You’ll soak up wide views from tinted windows.Get pleasure from them. Here are some new improvements in tents of 2018.

Inflatable tents are one in every of the large success stories in family encampment.Over the last few years and every one the proof is that they’re visiting still grow in quality. Campers love their simplicity and convenience.Nowadays it’s exhausting to search out a manufacturer that doesn’t provide pole-free tents.They’re going to create even additional inroads into the market.
In speech communication that, pole tents show no sign of disappearing fully. There are many campers out there preferring the normal approach. And whereas Brobdingnagian family tents stay extremely popular.The advance in smaller models continues. Brands like Outwell and Vango have centered on introducing smaller tents into their collections.

Versatility is commonly the key think about selecting a tent.Thus rather than shopping for one Brobdingnagian unit that’s nice for a period of time away.However several campers are going for a smaller model associate degrees investment.Additionally as being additional convenient to pitch, transport and pack away.It will see to be significantly cheaper than buying an unlimited tent. Particularly if the retail merchant offers you a reduced package.
This year seems to be one in every of evolution, instead of revolution. Vango is extending its innovative Sky Track system.That permits you to connect fixtures like lighting and hanging hooks to the tent’s air beams. The flagship model from Vango in 2018 is that the lovely Serenity.A top quality tent that’s full of options and multiple entrances. It conjointly boasts a singular layout, that gives a rear cargo hold and a back door. 

Out well’s large 2018 vary options eighty six tents.And aimed toward all the  desires of campers. Their designers have conjointly been exhausting at beat up the last twelve months.Turning out twenty nine new or amended models. 

As always, we’ve got to mention most tents you’ll purchase nowadays are pretty glorious.  But some of those are of the worth scale. You won’t realize many who aren’t of a decent normal. However with a touch of analysis you’ll be ready to realize your good tent.

Welcome to the

Buy Chinese Inflatable Tents

They’re all flame agent and waterproof tents.

  1. Expansive large tent:Tents are available in market with different types.some are large other are small.mostly the price of tents depend on size of the tent.Mostly good quality tent are expensive but they have enough capacity to room in.They are some times large,airy and luxurious.
  2. Military tent:As we know military is our safeguard and the soldiers have to work in far areas.Sometimes camping areas are very hard for life. Hathaway special military tents are available in market for soldiers.
  3. Air structure for sports:
  4. Military hospital tent
  6. Movable Air Structure

100% use of house, prime quality and smart value, economical and sensible
The tent is fire-resist, water proof, high strength, long life-span, robust wind resistance.The tent with none pillars within.Expensive tent is extremely versatile.

World’s first inflatable floating raft tent.


Welcome to the Inflatable Tent Site. Where you’ll find consumer information and a buyer’s guide for finding the best possible inflatable tent for the occasion .

When it comes to throwing parties or any other occasion we will provide best services of new and old tents. Here you can see and get your desire tent.

World’s first inflatable floating raft tent

The world is your waterbed — fly fishing aficionado and founding father of smith fly styles than smith presents the shoal tent.

A primary of it’s kind expansive floating raft with a tent topper that permits adventurers and campers to travel back and forth on bodies of water.

In contrast to the watercraft tent that uses poles to hold the structure, the shoal tent is totally expansive. Requiring no poles by exploitation its gas pressure to square up to high winds while not a controversy.

World's first inflatable floating raft tent

The shoal tent raft body has 3 air chambers and 2 within the lower tube.Moreover, the tent material is waterproof and sealed with sturdy .

The topper sides all attach and detach mistreatment significant duty hooks and loops.It is  for the flexibility to urge in and out simply through the edges if the requirement suddenly arises.

The smith fly kit comes with a storage bag.In which there is a patch kit and a manual foot pump. World’s first inflatable floating raft tent

Most Expensive Military Tent in World.  Welcome to the Inflatable Tent Site.We will give you  information about military tent.Here i am uploading a video about it.Military tents are full of luxuries.Therefore they are most expensive.Besides all luxuries  they are helpful in hard weather conditions.

Most Expensive Military Tent

Most Expensive Military Tent IN WORLD

new tents.

Set up time : 15 mn 2 people

No air compressor is needed unlike inflatable tents. Its robustness and reliability guarantees a long life expectancy with minimal care.

It Can be adapted to a mounting cradle or a trailer.

The type of support chosen permits storage space for all optional equipment (generator stretchers, lighting, heating, etc…)

The assembly is simple and requires only a few hours of learning to master

More details about  60m2 Shelter

 VUZ MOTO SHELTER . Welcome to the Inflatable Tent Site.Where you’ll find consumer information and a buyer’s guide for finding the best possible inflatable tent for the occasion . VUZ MOTO SHELTER is best shelter for bikes


vuz moto waterproof motorcycle tent

Waterproof motorbike shelter is a garage  for tenting motorcycles and it  helps the rider to be safe from rain.

Four access points enable you to enter and exit from any direction.In any circumstances it gives you full shelter.

This best in class tent is developed with the absolute most sturdy materials accessible.It’s made with a special, additional roomy plan. That it has a broad space for your squad car and a different place for you and your companions. You can be glad about outdoors without stressing over your cruiser. Being weather-beaten by the rain or extreme climate, stolen by cheats, or harmed by wild creatures!

Vuz Motorcycle Camping Tent Features and Details:

Vuz Motorcycle Camping Tent

Tent measure: 12ft Long

Season: 3 season

•Capacity: 3 People and 1 Motorcycle

•Fabric material: 190T polyester and B3 work

•Weight: 13.7lb

•Accessories: 3 aluminum posts, ropes, pegs